Ear Connect Speech & Hearing Clinic is looked upon as a venue where innovation, technological expertise, application of advanced methodology and concepts take centre-stage. Such instance at the helm of our activity sums up as the benchmark of Ear Connect Speech & Hearing Clinic and its overall process of treating, detecting, diagnosing as well as consulting patients with suitable remedies and rehabilitation. To top it all, the centre coupled with state-of-the-art facility, know-how, and expertise in the Hearing Care industry have helped bridged the gap in offering effective solutions to needy people and patients across all age group. Also the presence of dedicated and qualified team of professionals and resource at its disposal has further strengthened the company efforts in its mission that is cemented by the values it propagate, the like of which are – honesty, integrity and trust!

At Ear Connect Speech & Hearing Clinic, we not only provide our patients with state-of-the-art facility and diagnostic, but also offer effective remedial solutions from time-to-time. We also undertake consultation as well as counselling of patients and provide them with suitable diagnostic and therapy if the need arise. It is these qualities which differentiate us from the rest. Such value proposition is attributed to a culture we have inherited, where people and their needs comes first. It is with this belief which motivates us to strive for excellence – Excellence in what we do and how we do it!


Our mission is to connect the values we preach – like honesty and integrity as a means to create and enrich the life of our patients and their welfare. To simplify it, we believe in creating “Values that Binds Together.”

It is this belief which motivates us to strive for excellence, keeping in mind the welfare of our patients and how we can bridge the gap in enriching their lives plus the value that comes with it. Ear Connect Speech & Hearing Clinic strives for excellence – Excellence in what we do, and how we do it! And our mission is also simplified in the similar way


As a hearing care centre, we envision to bridge the gap by reaching out to people in the most convenient way. In doing so, we strive to provide our patients with robust, innovative and dedicated service offering that is derived from our holistic approach to excellence, and in projecting a brand that can be looked up to as one of India’s most trusted, reliable and competent Hearing Care Centre.