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Our Services


Hearing Assessment

A hearing test provides an evaluation of the sensitivity of a person’s sense of hearing and is most often performed by an audiologist.

Speech and Language Services

Speech and Language Therapy

We provides treatment , support and care for children and adults who have speech and communication problems.

Hearing aid 2

Hearing Aids

We help in right selection of Hearing Aid which helps in improving hearing and speech comprehension of people.

Cochlear Implant

Cochlear Implant

Our Cochlear Implant service helps to provide a sense of sound to a person who is profoundly or severely hard-of-hearing.



We have got you covered! You can now consult with our specialist in the comfort of your own house. Click for Tele-Consultation.

Accessories Unikol


We have latest and advanced accessories based on your hearing needs. Check out the accessories by clicking below.



We have got you covered with the solutions for the ringing in your Ears.

Vestibular Evaluation

Vestibular Evaluation

It helps in ruling out causes for your vertigo, dizziness and/or imbalance.

New Born Hearing Screening

Make sure your baby hears the love. Get a hearing screening done at the earliest.
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Hearing loss often occurs so gradually that the individual may not be aware of a problem. In fact, it is not uncommon for a hearing loss to be first detected by a family member, who has to speak louder or repeat themselves. Early signs of hearing loss include:

  • Turning the TV or radio volume louder than other family members prefer.
  • Difficulty understanding speech in a background of noise, for instance in restaurants.
  • More difficulty hearing children and women than men.
  • Difficulty hearing in meetings.
  • Difficulty hearing at public speaking events.
  • Ringing in the ear(s) when no external sound is present.
  • Having things repeated frequently.

Difficulty hearing people “with low voices”.

If you have hearing loss in both ears, in most cases two hearing aids are the best choice for giving you the optimal access to auditory information. You will be able to hear better in noisy situations. You will be able to better localize sounds or tell where the sounds came from. Wearing a hearing aid in each ear will help to balance the sounds that you hear.

Yes, many of today’s hearing aids feature advanced Bluetooth technology. You can stream sound from your T.V., smartphone, laptop, or any other Bluetooth compatible device directly to your hearing aids. This creates a seamless listening experience without the interference of background noise or having to use an intermediary device.

Adjusting to hearing aids varies from person to person and depends upon how long you waited to treat your hearing loss as well as its severity. Although our ears collect noise from our environment, it’s actually our brain that translates it into recognizable sound. If hearing loss is left untreated, the auditory part of your brain can actually atrophy, in which case your rehabilitation may take a while longer. You’ll also want to wear them as recommended. Following your doctor’s orders improves your chances for success.

Hearing aid cost is dependent on the technology features and design.

Prices range from ₹ 8,000 for a basic device to ₹ 3,50,000 for a premium hearing aid.

However, which one is best for you depends on your hearing loss.



It was a great experience to get serviced by Ear Connect for getting the hearing aids for my dad. The whole team is very patient and guided us well by giving multiple home visits to ensure our satisfaction before we actually went ahead with the purchase of the device last month. Special Mention of Ms.Akshee here who was there to help us out with our queries and doubts every time. Would highly recommend them!!
Earconnect Google Review
Diksha Adlakha
My Dad had some Hearing issues and we decided to visit the Clinic to get a hearing aid that suited his requirement .Our experience with the Audiologist Vijeta ji in the Clinic was wonderful. She was very patient, understood the issue, conducted tests and suggested the exact device that would help. Also appreciate the help extended to us by Sanjay Gurkha ji. He was very courteous, helpful and knowledgeable about the products on offer . He extended reasonable discounts as well. Would surely refer my family and friends here.
Earconnect Google Reviews
Abbinow Talashi
I Use services of EAR CONNECT(Dr. Akshee Kaul) for clarity in speech for my son and i am very much satisfied with the way they helped my son to learn sound and make his sound clear. Really thankful to them.
Vivek Goyal

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